WHEN fire ravaged Laguna Village in late August nothing but a charred shell of the luxury complex remained.

Significant debris from the blaze scattered across the adjacent beach and now Plastic Free Seas Worldwide need help to clean it up.

On October 17 from 10-12.30 locals will be taking to the beach to collect waste from the fire and restore the coastline to its best.

With coronavirus in mind, beach sweepers will need to bring their own gloves and social distance when outside of their family bubbles.

A couple have been arrested for allegedly starting the fire when an appliance in their ramshackle home malfunctioned.

They are believed to have stolen electricity in order to power a frying pan and a fan in the Rio Padron area.

The flame affected almost 50 hectares and completely destroyed the Laguna Village complex, including restaurants, shops and a luxury pool club.

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