ECIJA will enter a new lockdown after recording a coronavirus incidence rate of 925.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks.

The Sevilla town, with a population of 39,873, has recorded 369 new cases of the virus over the same period.

The overwhelming majority of these have stemmed from up to 25 currently active outbreaks, all originating from family gatherings.

Situated in the Sevilla Este health district, Ecija has recorded 625 cases in total since the start of the pandemic, meaning more than half have been detected in the past 14 days, reported Diario de Sevilla.

A total of 86 people have overcome the virus in the town while three people have lost their lives.

The Seville Este district in general has an incidence rate of 542.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks, detecting 919 cases over the same period (out of a total of 2,056 since the pandemic began).

Ecija will see its borders closed, meaning no one can enter or exit the town without just cause.

There will also be new limits on how many people can meet up in public or private (probably capped at six), while new hours will be announced for restaurants and bars and other businesses.

The same measures have been applied in Linares, Almodovar del Rio and Casariche and have helped slow down the spread of the virus.

The restrictions will have an initial duration of 10 days and will come into force from 8am tomorrow, after they are published in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucia (BOJA).

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