OVER 30 people are in self-isolation after new COVID-19 cases were found at Gibraltar schools today.

The second case at Bishop Fitzgerald and the fifth at Westside School have brought Contact tracing teams to the scene.

At Bishop Fitzgerald four staff member and nine pupils have been identified to have had close contact with the infected person.

No staff members and 16 students have been ordered to self-isolate at the new Westside School case.

In the fourth case at the secondary school, 13 pupils were placed into self-isolation for close contact recently.

St Joseph’s School saw five staff members and four pupils go into self-isolation for having close contact with the newly-discovered case.

A third case reported at Bayside school has sent 30 pupils into self-isolation.

One staff member and six pupils were already in self-isolation for the other case reported last week at the secondary school.

Two COVID-19 cases have been discovered at Bishop Fitzgerald school, leading to nine pupils and 11 staff members being told to self-isolate.

At St Anne’s, two members of staff and 12 pupils have been sent home to self-isolate.

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