A NEW project by architects in Barcelona has revealed the shocking truth about pollution in the city.

Project ‘Air‘ visibly shows the danger of air pollution to the city’s residents by mapping colour coded data onto a map of the area.

New measures have now been suggested by the architects to local politicians including changes in transport options.

Barcelona was selected as the location for the study due to its high vehicle density, according to project leader Olga Subiros.

Worryingly, for the last decade, Spain has failed to comply with EU air quality regulations.

In 2019, Barcelona was listed as the European city that receives the most pollution from large cruise ships by NGO.

Previous studies conducted by scientists in Barcelona have shown that poor air quality can impact children’s success in school.

According to research, children who study in highly polluted areas see slower improvements in their memory.

This could put unlucky children up to one month behind their peers in areas with cleaner air.

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