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Annual drama festival still to be held in Gibraltar despite COVID-19

Gib Drama Fest

THE annual Gibraltar Drama Festival will take place at Ince’s Hall from March 15 to 20, with or without a live audience.

Minister for Culture John Cortes believes ‘getting actors back on stage’ even if the event needs to be streamed.

Over the years more groups have tackled serious issues as well as the ever popular comedy that people like so much.

The mainly competitive event offers a £1,000 first prize for the best play and is open to any drama group.

At this stage of planning it is hoped an adjudicator will be able to travel to the Rock to judge the event.

If the pandemic worsens and it is not possible to have either the adjudicator or a live audience, the event will be streamed online.

“I am happy that we are planning ahead to March, being well aware that our plans are liable to change,” said Cortes.

“But we need to get our performers back on stage, whether with a live audience or not, and we will do this in a safe and responsible way.”

Public health guidelines will be enforced during the productions as they apply during the time the event runs.

Branching out

Another event in the pipeline is an international exhibition which will be held at a Casemates gallery in the new year.

Being With Trees 2
ROOTED: One of the trees that will be shown at the exhibition

‘Being with trees’ features pictures from well-known groups of artists the Aborealists and Urban Contemporaries.

Organised by the Lloyds of London with the Ministry of Culture, the show will be held at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery.

The exhibition focuses on trees in both city life and the countryside and their impact on our lives.

It tries to explore how trees make us feel, especially within the issues of climate change.

The artists come from London, Yorkshire, the South West, Wales, France and Ireland.

The work of the Aborealists explores how trees decorate and give fresh air to town centres, while creating stories that have their own meaning.

“The fusion of Trees and Art is fascinating, and so logical,” said Minister for Culture and the Environment, John Cortes. 

“Both have a vital part to play in our wellbeing and in our character as a community. 

“I am very happy to promote more trees and more art, and am hugely looking forward to this exhibition”.

The exhibition will show from January 19 to March 12, 2021.

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