A MAN and a woman have been found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads inside a car in Mallorca.

The victims, a 37-year-old Spanish man and his 36-year-old Bulgarian girlfriend, were discovered next to a petrol station in Peguera yesterday afternoon.

A customer had alerted the emergency services after spotting copious amounts of blood on the windows of the car.

Both had a single gunshot wound to their heads and a shotgun was found between the man’s legs.

The initial hypothesis of the Guardia Civil is that the deaths were part of a murder-suicide.

Investigators believe the man, a former soldier, killed his girlfriend before taking his own life.

According to Diario de Mallorca, there were no incidents of gender violence reported during their relationship.

Both had worked in the same nightclub in Magaluf with the man leaving the army several years ago.

He reportedly held a valid license to carry a weapon.

Autopsies are now being undertaken while family members and friends are being interviewed by the police.

In recent weeks there have been several gun related crimes across Spain.

Last week, Policia Nacional opened an investigation into the shooting of a man in the back of his head while he was driving in Malaga.

The victim, in his 30s, is still in hospital after miraculously surviving.

Over the weekend a man was also rushed to hospital after being shot twice in Estepona.

The bullets had struck his left leg and upper left arm, causing a fracture.

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