MORE than thirty municipalities in five autonomous communities will be subject to perimeter confinement this weekend.

The latest area to be placed under mobility restriction is Salamanca, after the Junta de Castilla y Leon announced perimeter confinement in the province to come into effect on Saturday.


Towns and cities with COVID-19 perimeter restrictions in place range from the capital Madrid, with 3.2 million inhabitants, to a Valladolid town of less than 500, San Pedro de Latarce.

Perimeter confinement permits flexibility to go to work, free movement within the town but restrictions on the hotel industry, capacity of establishments and closing hours.

In some Galician municipalities, stricter confinement rules have been put in place forbidding non-household reunions and consumption inside bars, a measure that has also been applied throughout the region of Burgos.

In addition to restrictions in Madrid, there are perimeter closures in eleven other cities with over 100,000 inhabitants, almost all in the metropolitan area of Spain’s capital, where the state of alarm decreed by the Government of Pedro Sanchez is in force.

Other municipalities belonging to the Community of Madrid under perimeter restrictions include: Alcobendas, Alcorcon, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Leganes, Torrejon de Ardoz, Mostoles and Parla – total 1.2 million people.

Smaller Madrid municipalities also under perimeter closures are: Villa del Prado, Humanes, Reyes Catolicos, Arganda del Rey, Sierra de Guadarrama, Colmenar Viejo Norte and Valleaguado.

Castilla y Leon is the second region, after Madrid, with the most perimeter confinements, with a total of eight municipalities affected, including two of its nine provincial capitals, Leon (124,303), and Palencia (78,421), which from this Saturday will be joined by Salamanca (144,228), as announced by the regional government.

The areas in Galicia under mobility restrictions include: Orense Capital (105.000 inhabitants), Barbadas (11,037 inhabitants), O Carballiño (14,027 inhabitants), O Irixo (1,466) and Boboras (2,285).

Burgos capital (175,821) has also been confined as has Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), San Andres del Rabanedo (Leon) and the Valladolid ones Íscar, Pedrajas and San Pedro Latarce.

In Andalucia the restrictions affect Ecija (Sevilla, 40,000 inhabitants), Linares ((Jaen, 57,414 inhabitants) and Almodovar del Rio (Cordoba, 7,300).

In Murcia, mobility limitations were announced last week and now reach some 130,000 people, including the town centre of Lorca (60,000 inhabitants), Totana (31,000), Jumilla (25,000), Fortuna (10,000) and Abanilla (6,000).

These measures seek to avoid a return to residential confinement.

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