FORECASTS from the Spanish weather agency AEMET have warned of heavy rain across the province of Malaga.

Almost a month after the first cold snap of the season, another cold front will enter the western area of the Peninsula as of tomorrow (Tuesday).

The whole of Malaga will be affected on Wednesday, where rainfall could be ‘locally heavy’, according to AEMET.


The instability coincides with the arrival of storm Barbara which will sweep in from the Atlantic and give rise over the next few days to the formation of cold fronts and blustery wind.

The squall will cross the western part of the Peninsula between midday on Tuesday and the early hours of Wednesday, leaving intense rainfall across the whole of the Peninsula, although to a greater extent in the western half of Spain.

For today, Monday, AEMET predicts clear skies across the province of Malaga where temperatures will remain unchanged.

Winds from the east or southeast will be occasionally strong in the Antequera region and higher areas.

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