THE Junta has announced it will adopt ‘tough and difficult but necessary measures’ this Friday in a bid to curb COVID-19.

The aim is to halt the advance of the pandemic in this second wave, where ‘drastic decisions’ will be taken if the data continues to worsen over the coming days.

Junta president, Juanma Moreno, has acknowledged, during a debate on the current state of the Community between the Government and the PSOE, that Primary Care is being being ‘overwhelmed and overrun’ because it is experiencing ‘a pressure like never before in history’.

During the debate, Moreno expressed his particular ‘concern’ at the data accumulated by the provinces of Granada, Jaen and Sevilla alerting that the latter two provinces may soon face similar restrictions to those applied to Granada last week.

The PP chief said that any measures taken will ‘follow scientific criteria’ however it is likely they will also impact negatively on the economy, especially self-employed individuals, or independent contractors.

Moreno began the debate by assuring that Primary Care was ‘going reasonably well’ but later admitted it was ‘overwhelmed.’

To which the Secretary General of the PSOE-A, Susana Diaz, reproached him for ‘taking so long to acknowledge it’.

Moreno has indicated that the Junta has taken steps, both financially and in terms of staffing, to try to improve the primary care situation.

He also announced a new distribution of 5.4 million surgical masks free of charge for people over 65 and pensioners, available in the coming weeks.

In Andalucia, the use of the mask has been compulsory since 15 July, both in open and closed spaces and regardless of the interpersonal safety distance, in order to avoid possible uncontrolled community transmission.

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