A TOTAL of seven officers of the Ronda Polica Local are on sick leave after testing positive for coronavirus.

A further 17 police officers have been placed in quarantine because they are close contacts, tallying a total of 24 officers out of service.

The City Council has had to urgently restructure the workforce to ensure basic service is covered, prioritising traffic safety, public health and well-being.


Councillor for Urban Planning, Jesus Vazquez explained that, despite the fact that all the preventive measures have been strictly followed through by each member of staff, it has not been possible to avoid the contagion which has depleted the policeforce by over half.

To add to the strain, an additional seven officers are off-duty for other non-coronavirus related reasons.

Vazquez, however, assures that since the first positive coronavirus result was reported last week, the necessary steps have been taken to carry out tests on all staff, in addition to the disinfection of all premises and vehicles.

A Local Security Board will be held next Friday to analyse what has happened.

The whole of Andalucia registered 2,649 COVID-19 cases this Monday, with hospital pressure nears peak of first wave levels.

In total, 31,903 positive cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the last 14 days.

Currently, 2,144 patients confirmed with COVID-19 remain in Andalucian hospitals, of which 268 are in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

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