ANDALUCIA is considering a return to home confinement if hospital pressure does not drop.

Junta president, Juanma Moreno has said he doesn’t rule out lockdown as a ‘last option’ if the current measures fail.

Since last Friday, external borders have been closed in Andalucia and 449 municipalities have been isolated with people only allowed out for work or to care for the sick and elderly, however the PP chief warned this weekend on the programme Mesa de Analisis on Canal Sur that if the current measure don’t work ‘we will have to take much more drastic measures’.

“Home confinement is the last of the option, because it means a contraction and damage to the economy, employment and welfare,” said Moreno.

Junta president Juanma Moreno

The Junta President insists he hopes he will not have to ask the central government for home confinement, an option that has already been proposed by the communities of Catalunya and Castilla y Leon, but ‘everything will depend on the results of the current mobility restrictions’, he said.

Between now and November 8 – the Junta will decide whether or not to extend the current measures or introduce stricter rules.

“If cases continue to rise, we will have no choice, but to take more drastic decisions and reduce mobility” Moreno said, adding that in the absence of vaccines, it is the only ‘instrument’ available to break the infection curve.

Currently, hospital admissions have doubled from a fortnight ago and Cordoba and Granada have already equalled the admissions recorded at the peak of the first wave of the pandemic in March.

Under the current State of alarm, the Junta would continue to be the ‘delegated authority’ and would be responsible for establishing home confinement and the corresponding restrictions.

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