AS anti-lockdown rioters set fire to the streets of Barcelona this weekend one busker calmly continued his set regardless.

Not phased by the disruption, the pianist tinkled the ivories playing The Bangles classic hit ‘Eternal Flame’.

In the video, rioters can be seen throwing rocks at police vans and setting fire to objects in the street.

‘Is this burning an eternal flame?’ suddenly took on a much darker message as the blaze grew behind the musician.

“For some reason reminds me of them continuing to play the music as the titanic went down, videos like this will be looked back in 100 years to try and understand the madness of the pandemic,” commented one Twitter user.

It comes after riots first erupted on October 30 when 700 protesters took to the streets.

The demonstration began peacefully in St Jaume de Barcelona Square before turning violent with clashes on Friday night that continued through the weekend.

Police returned fire with foam bullets and retaliated with batons outside the regional and local government headquarters, as the safety of everyone in attendance was threatened.

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