MALAGA City has suspended its Three Kings’ parade due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a press release the City Council said the parade is ‘a public act that would generate crowds that are incompatible with current regulations and with the recommendations of the health authorities.’

However, the council is working to organise activities that will allow children to ‘enjoy the magic and the illusion of Christmas’.

Municipal collaboration has been offered to schools, for activities to take place in educational centres but ‘always on dates prior to January 5’ and ‘with compliance with the rules and recommendations on those dates.’

Teresa Porras, the city hall’s councillor for Festivities, announced at the end of October that the parade would be ‘reinvented’ in the face of the current pandemic.

A parade ‘like the one last year in not possible’ but ‘I am in favour of contemplating proposals which comply with the current health crisis,’ she said.

The popular Malaga lights and musical shows, a well-liked feature for years now, performed three times a day, have already been cancelled.

“Everything that is crowded has been cancelled,” Porras said, adding that proposals which comply with the current health crisis are still being contemplated so that ‘Christmas can be a success’.

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