A BRITISH instagrammer has been arrested for performing dangerous driving manoeuvres and dumping a car in a riverbed in Marbella. 

The 27-year-old expat is charged with several crimes against road safety and the environment after uploading videos to Instagram showing him and pals driving recklessly in different vehicles. 

In one video the group is seen dumping a BMW into a riverbed, causing a risk of ‘serious contamination’, a police statement read. 

20201126 Foto Instagramer
SHAMEFUL: British instagrammer and pals push BMW into riverbed in Marbella (CREDIT: Policia Nacional)

Police analysed the videos, which showed the suspect removing and using the same licence plate on several different vehicles. 

When they tracked him down and cuffed him in Marbella, they seized two cars carrying the same plate. 

The Brit has therefore also been charged with falsification of documents.  

Another six people who were implicated in the videos have also been charged.

A judge has ordered that of all the recordings be deleted from social media.

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