ANGER is rising for UK and EU negotiators as both sides enter the final week of Brexit negotiations.

Fishing continues to be a key sticking point for each side as reports have revealed that the EU might only accept a 15-18% cut in quotas in UK waters.

It comes after experts have suggested that the potential benefits of a no-deal Brexit have been under-appreciated.

Nevertheless, there have been severe warnings from financial advisors that leaving the EU without a deal could be disastrous for the economy.

A source close to the investigation told The Independent: “Over the coming days we will continue to negotiate with creativity and intensity.

“We hope that the EU will come with some fresh thinking because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t cut it. They must understand that we are not going to sell out our sovereignty.”

The unfortunate dispute comes after EU ambassadors were certain a deal could be finalised before the deadline earlier this month.

The representatives of the EU’s 27 nations heard that the gap between the two sides was narrowing, with agreements on fishing rights and mutual standards to avoid unfair competition.

But as the Brexit deadline moves closer, there is clearly still much to discuss.

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