REPATRIATION flights are not a solution to the Canary Island’s refugee crisis, former Canary Islands representative José Segura Clavell has said.

Clavell, who held his post during the ‘cayuco crisis‘ immigration surge in 2006, told The Guardian that repatriation flights were impossible due to COVID-19.

Additionally, he deplored the EU for its lack of ‘clear common policy’.

It comes after a letter was sent to the European Commission last week by Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta in reply to new asylum response strategies.

“We believe that the solidarity rules and the related commitment of all member states must be clearly defined,” it read.

“We must find feasible and coordinated solutions to our common challenges,” the four nations wrote to the EU.

While strategies are finalised, thousands of refugees remain adrift in military camps and hotel rooms.

Among them are over 455 unaccompanied children.

Earlier this month, an immigration judge labelled the refugee’s current living conditions in Arguineguin as “inhumane and degrading”.

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