A clumsy guest at the 32nd King Jaime I Awards ceremony in Valencia today fell over on the stairs in front of Queen Letizia.

The tumble came after the guest failed to notice a step behind him and attempted to grab hold of the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Abalos to no avail.

Turning in concerned surprise, Queen Letizia pointed and watched as Abalos attempted to pull the man back to his feet.

Afterwards, the man glanced back at the steps sheepishly to see the cause of his fall.

Usually, both Queen Letizia and King Felipe would present the awards at the ceremony.

However, the King is currently in isolation due to a recent exposure to coronavirus.

It is not clear yet whether the King will undergo a PCR test, but has confirmed that he will follow the ‘strictest hygiene regime during his quarantine.’

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