JAPANESE gaming giant Sony’s long-awaited PS5 has become Spain’s fastest selling console after a record breaking first week.

Despite tightening budgets across the country thanks to the global pandemic, gamers have dug into their pockets to shell out the 499.99 for Sony’s latest offering.

Launched on November 19, the PS5 has already beaten the legendary PS2 in first week sales.

Launched back in 2000, the PS2 sold an impressive 40,000 units in its first week, however the latest generation PS5 pipped its predecesor with 43,000.

What is more concerning for it’s rivals Microsoft is that it sold over three times more than the popular Xbox One, which only shifted 15,000 when it hit the shelves in 2014.

According to the report revealed on tech website Vandal.com, the success of the new PS5 has left retailers struggling to keep up with demand.

“The figures do not represent actual sales, but how many have been imported by Sony, however as they are all sold it gives us a good idea of how popular the PS5 has been.”

The launch of the PS5 coincided with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which although sold out equally as fast, only recorded 14,100 sales since November.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed to tech sources that “absolutely everything is sold out” and the company is working around the clock to produce more units to meet pre orders before Christmas.

The success of the PS5 in Spain has only been eclipsed by its sister gaming console, the PSP, which sold 54,200 in its first week of sale back in 2005.

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