BRITAIN and the EU could reach a Brexit deal this week, Dominic Raab has told reporters.

Speaking with Andrew Marr, the foreign secretary said Brussels would need to demonstrate ‘good faith’ and ‘pragmatism’ to complete negotiations.

Striking a deal comes down to a few final sticking points, which Raab described as ‘narrow’, including fishing quotas.

It comes after a source close to the negotiations told The Independent that the UK would not ‘sell out our sovereignty’ for a deal.

Raab echoed this sentiment and told the Andrew Marr show: “It’s a fact of leaving the EU that we take back sovereignty and control of our own waters and our own fisheries.”

Leader of the Labour party Keir Starmer has revealed the opposition would more than likely support any trade deal achieved by negotiators.

“We need a deal. I don’t think there’s much of a case for voting against it,” he said.

A deal would be a long time coming, as EU ambassadors were told 10 days ago that an agreement was close to being finalised.

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