A PROLIFIC paedophile has admitted to getting children from Estepona hooked on drugs and forcing them have sex with him in exchange for marijuana joints and cocaine.

The 63-year-old, who was arrested while driving one of his 12-year-old victims to ‘a spa’, accepted the charges brought against him by prosecutors this week.

The Provincial Court of Malaga heard how the man would approach children on a plaza in Estepona and offer them money, clothes and food.

After earning their trust he would ask for their phone numbers and arrange to meet them in the square or at his house, also in Estepona, where he would ply them with drugs.

He would create a dependency in his victims, who he would then force to perform sex favours in return for narcotics, be it marijuana, hashish or cocaine, the court heard.

Before long the paedophile would have one or more minors in his home almost daily, prosecutors said. 

The unnamed man also admitted to taking one of his 12-year-old victims and her friends to the Miramar shopping centre in Fuengirola, where he bought them designer watches and handbags and even an iPhone X. 

He barraged the young girl with sexually explicit messages on Whatsapp while reminding her of how much the gifts had cost. 

His cycle of abuse, which included other victims, lasted for at least three years until he was arrested in October 2019. 

He was only rumbled after the father of the 12-year-old witness found out she was being abused by an older man and called Policia Nacional as they were driving to Antequera. 

As police caught up with them, the paedophile dumped the girl on the side of the road and sped off, but was tracked down within hours. 

Prosecutors are seeking six years and nine months in jail and a €20,000 in compensation to the 12-year-old victim in the case. 

He is also banned from communicating with her or any other victims for 10 years and he cannot work or trade in any profession related to children.

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