HOME buyers are looking for out-of-town properties and more space due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to one of Spain’s major real-estate valuation firms, Tecnitasa.

Their report says that buyers are trying to shun high-rise apartments in cities and want properties on the edge of centres that have good road and transport links.

Tecnitasa says that between July and September this year, purchases of more ‘isolated’ homes has gone by over 10% compared to the same period in 2019.

In contrast, apartment sales are down by over 16% over 12 months.

The report lists a number of pandemic-related factors like larger rooms and windows offering better ventilation.

That’s in addition to a demand for better internet and phone services as home teleworking continues to increase.

City and town based apartments and properties are more expensive than more rural areas and with strapped budgets due to the pandemic, that is also seen as another reason for city-dwellers to cast their net further afield.

Technitasa president, Jose Maria Basañez said: “There is definitely a drop in demand for apartments coupled with a significant increase in people looking for family homes.”

“We put this down to all of the restrictions on mobility implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic combined with the consequent rise in teleworking.”

“That means that people want somewhere with more space and comfort if confinement rules have to be applied again,” added Maria Basañez.

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