ALMOST 90% of Olive Press readers support loosening coronavirus measures significantly in Andalucia this Christmas. 

In a snap poll of over 1,000 (1069) readers, 86% (919) of respondents said they were in favour of ending tough measures in place designed to halt the spread of coronavirus, ‘including allowing restaurants and bars to open later and allowing for travel between town and provinces.’

Only 139 respondents (14%) said they would be opposed to the idea. 

It comes as the southernmost region is expected to announce whether or not it will lift certain restrictions following the bank holiday ‘bridge’ weekend, which ends tomorrow (Tuesday).  

The central Government has already ruled that from December 23 to January 6, travel between regions (and de facto within regions) will be permitted for those visiting family or a close loved one. 

Hundreds of expats commented to say they were fed up with the border closures between towns and that they saw it as vital to see family over the festive period. 

“My son is supposed to be here for Christmas, he is flying to Murcia… At the moment I can’t collect him,” wrote one reader.

“I also live in a very small municipality and it would be lovely to move about again, with appropriate measures of course.”

Another said: “Yes as in Mijas we have very limited shopping, we need to support all our local areas… It’s ridiculous splitting Mijas from Fuengirola!”

“We would love to travel to the next town to us so that we can buy a couple of things like custard powder, gravy granular and PG Tips,” said another. 

“A big yes, time to move on and start the recovery,” declared another, “I realise some of the old and vulnerable would be worried, but they can still stay in lockdown mode.” 

But others were less keen, saying they feared the sacrifices made to bring down the virus figures over the past month or so could be undone. 

“I need to see friends desperately, but I feel we’ve come this far, why spoil it now?” wrote one reader, “Staying safe is essential, for everyone, take it seriously… January 2021 will be a testing time for the world over… save your health!”

Another reader added: “Better safe than sorry… worth waiting another couple months or so and hopefully the worst of the virus will be over and we can get back to having as near as normal life again and can safely book flights. 

“I can’t wait to go back to England and visit my family, I haven’t seen them since January!”

Andalucia will announce its new coronavirus measures on December 10.

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