THE Policia Local and Guardia Civil of the historic town of Ronda are on the hunt for a light fingered thief responsible for the theft of dozens of expensive bronze door knockers.

Police were alerted by numerous complaints from residents close to the centre of the popular Malaga town of the disappearance of their front door accessories.

According to the police report, the thefts centered around targeting antique bronze door knockers and handles, some over a century old.

Witness statements explain that the knockers were removed with simple tools such as screwdrivers as there was no apparent damage to the doors or signs of force.

Investigations took officers to intercept a box containing 38 separate bronze artifacts left in an industrial area of the town.

In it contained various knockers, knobs, hinges and handles, some showing significant signs of aging and of certain historical value.

A campaign is now underway to reunite the items with their respective owners and track down the culprit and possible motive.

Antique bronze Spanish door knockers can fetch up to €200-€400 at specialist auctions, and have long been a historical expression of artistry and decadence.

However the humble door knocker has a dark past, it was originally designed in Ancient Greece, where they were used to chain slaves to the door of dignitaries to welcome guests.

If the slave was to fall asleep, the ‘knocker’ would be used to awaken the prisoner to continue his duties.

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