A BRITISH mum-of-eight has revealed her plans to leave her kids behind this Christmas for a solo trip to Spain. 

Marie Buchan, 39, said she will fly out to Alicante because she needs a ‘break’ from her children. 

The Octomum, who previously made a name for herself appearing on This Morning claiming life is better on benefits, added that the government has ‘forgotten’ those on the dole. 

Marie said she plans to give her family ‘the best Christmas that I can’ before jetting off to Spain. 

The former stripper reportedly collects £500 in benefits every week, helping her run a household for her children aged between six and 16.

 “The lockdown has affected everyone,” she told Metro.co.uk. “People are losing their jobs but where they’ve been put on furlough the Government is paying 80% of their wages. 

“Government claimants like myself, a mum of eight, are forgotten. 

“The kids have been at home for most of the year because the schools and colleges have had coronavirus outbreaks or been closed. 

“We haven’t got a laptop at home to access classes online, we can’t afford one without getting in debt, the help is not there.” 

But Marie said she will be taking the week-long holiday in the new year, which she views as a much-needed rest. 

“I’ve been invited to go to Spain, no kids, just me. 

“There’s been no turning off and I know I’m going to get a lot of negative comments but I’m going to take it.” 

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