THE British suspect accused of stabbing a teenager to death in Estepona has been named as Lewis Harry Briggs. 

The 21-year-old allegedly fatally stabbed Ulrich Perez, 19, in the heart in front of horrified passersby at the Diana Park shopping centre on November 18. 

Briggs allegedly almost ran Perez over in his white Mercedes, leading the pair to exchange some heated words. 

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TRAGIC: Victim Ulrich Perez (left) was stabbed in the heart by alleged killer Lewis Briggs (right) (CREDIT: Olive Press)

Investigators allege Briggs then drove off before returning moments later to stab the teen in the chest. 

The Olive Press can reveal that Briggs is a boxer with a well-settled family in Marbella. 

He often boxed at the MGM gym, which has welcomed stars like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. 

It was rebranded as the MTK Marbella gym in 2017 after it severed ties with the Irish mafia. 

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SUSPECT: Lewis Briggs was arrested in Leeds on December 22 and is being extradited to stand trial in Spain (CREDIT: Olive Press)

Briggs was arrested in Leeds on December 22 after an international manhunt and was ordered to be extradited to Spain after appearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on December 30.

The Olive Press contacted his father following the arrest, who denied it was his son who was picked up.

He said: “I have heard the rumours and they’re not true, I have nothing more to say.”

He did not respond to our request for comment today.

The National Crime Agency said in a statement: “The victim was almost run over by a car at a pedestrian crossing and the driver, who had initially left the scene, returned a few minutes later and stabbed the victim in the heart.

“The attack happened in broad daylight outside the victim’s home.”

Estepona Stabbing
SCENE: Ulrich being carried away following fatal stabbing COPYRIGHT: Olive Press

Paul Owen, Operations Manager at the NCA, said: “We are pleased to have been part of catching a suspected killer and bringing some sense of justice for the victim’s family.

“The NCA works closely with international partners to ensure that nowhere is a safe haven for suspected criminals.

“No matter where you hide, the authorities will catch up with you and you will face justice.”

Perez lived in an apartment in the Las Acacias urbanistation with his parents and two brothers, aged 22 and just three.

The attack took place at around 2pm in front of other shoppers and passersby in the Diana park shopping complex.

Perez was on his way home after shopping at the supermarket.

White Mercedes
TOED: The white Mercedes believed to have been driven by Briggs on the day of the murder (SOURCE: Policia Nacional)

The boy is thought to have told Briggs to slow down after he nearly ran him over. Moments later he returned and allegedly fatally stabbed him.

As Briggs allegedly sped off, a client from the nearby vets ran over to the victim to try and stop the bleeding, while locals, including the boy’s mother, rushed over with towels, but he had been killed almost instantly.

Tributes poured in from the local community, including his friends, who posted a photo from their soccer team and lit candles and laid flowers at the spot where he died.

Neighbours said he was well liked and that until the pandemic hit he had been working at a cinema.

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