AN expat family have launched an urgent appeal after their young son was diagnosed with spinal cancer over Christmas. 

David Olsson, 55, is desperately trying to raise funds to afford his son Dylan, 21, life-saving surgery with a world-class specialist in Malaga. 

David, from Paris but who raised Dylan in London and Marbella, has private insurance for his family but the policy will not cover the cost of the specialist. 

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‘FULL OF LIFE’: Dylan was studying at Manchester University when he was diagnosed with a spinal tumour just before Christmas (CREDIT: Olive Press)

“It has been the worst festive period ever,” David told the Olive Press, “Dylan came home to Marbella and had problems with his left arm and suddenly lost huge amounts of weight, he weighed just 45kg.” 

A Marbella neurosurgeon feared the worst and had Dylan, who is currently studying business in his final year at Manchester University, undergo scans and further tests. 

Doctors found a tumour in his cervical spine before further tests revealed the cancer had spread to up to seven vertebrae, with some now fractured. 

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‘STAYING POSITIVE’: Dad David (left) is desperate to get son Dylan (right) specialist surgery (CREDIT: Olive Press)

“He has lost movement in both arms and hands and he is on fentanyl patches for the pain,” added David.

“They are planning a big surgery to remove the tumour as much as possible and to rebuild the broken vertebrae ASAP.

“He has also suffered nerve damage due to the cancer spreading to the neck vertebrae.”

He added: “He’s just a young boy and is full of life, it has been a nightmare…but we are just trying to remain positive, that’s all we can do.

“The support from the expat and local community here has been incredible and has really lifted us and made us feel supported.”

Dylan, who attended the Laude School in San Pedro, is undergoing further testing ahead of a potential surgery next week. 

The family, including Argentinian mum Monica, have set up a GoFundMe page which has already garnered €20,000. 

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‘BRIGHT BOY’: Dylan is ‘full of life’ and loves to cook, says French dad David (CREDIT: Olive Press)

But the urgently needed world-class surgery will likely cost more. 

“Dylan loves football and true to his French roots he loves to cook,” added David, “it’s really tough seeing him go through this.” 

The GoFundMe page reads: “We have a private insurance that covers some of the fees but not the neurosurgeon’s intervention.  

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HAPPIER TIMES: Dylan with mum Monica

“Dylan will need at least one operation, the first one next week.  Dylan is only 21 and stays strong and optimistic.  

“We humbly ask our friends and family to collaborate with whatever amount you can and to pray for us in this hard and painful time.”

You can help Dylan by donating to the GoFundMe page by clicking here.

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