THE warning level for rainfall in Malaga has been raised to orange for both Wednesday and Thursday.

The second-highest warning possible will be in place until Friday and specifically affects the Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce Valley.

Much of the rest of the province remains on a yellow alert for rainfall.

There is also a yellow warning in place across the province for strong winds of up to 70km/hr and rough coastal conditions.

Force 7 winds and waves of up to four metres have been predicted by AEMET.

Director of the Malaga Meteoroligical Centre Jose Maria Sanchez-Laulhe told Diario Sur that the collision of two air masses over the Gulf of Cadiz has now been confirmed.

“This is going to cause abundant rains, which in the capital can reach 100 litres per square metre and to the west up to 200 litres,” he said.

It means Malaga is set to receive almost one fifth of its average annual rainfall between Wednesday and Friday.

Friday has not been issued with any weather warnings but there is still a 95% chance of rainfall.

The wet weather will continue all weekend, with an 80% and 65% chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The temperatures will remain low, with lows of 10C and highs of 15C.

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