FROM Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote to Emma Corbin being cast to play Princess Diana in the Crown, Hollywood has the ability to find dead ringers of historical characters down to a fine art. 

While casting calls may be stuffed with talented lookalikes, it’s far less likely to run into an A-list doppelganger when trudging through museums and galleries. 

But that’s exactly what happened when one beady-eyed social media user found themselves seeing double at a Spanish museum. 

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Twitter user Pedro uncovered shared a picture of a portrait at the Museo Nacional del Prado – and it looks exactly like  Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. 

The oil painting, which can be found at the Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid, was painted by  Diego Velázquez in 1644. 

The artwork depicts Sebastian de Morra, a court dwarf and jester at the court of Philip IV of Spain.

Morra shares similar facial features to the actor especially when paired against his character Tyrion Lannister from the hit HBO series. 

It comes as people from across the world jumped on the doppelgänger trend and shared snaps of themselves with lookalike works of art as part of a viral thread on Twitter. 

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Folk who came face to face with the painted and historical versions of themselves jokingly posed alongside the art to showcase the resemblances. 

Many of the subjects in these paintings look so unnervingly similar to their modern-day counterparts that people have questioned whether they could be distant relatives – including a youngster with who was a near-exact copy of Vincent Van Gogh.

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