JUAN Carlos I, the disgraced former King of Spain will retain his royal moniker ‘for life’ it was announced yesterday.

The 83-year-old Emeritus King will keep his royal title indefinitely according to a government statement, despite ongoing legal issues.

The news was revealed in a meeting of congress yesterday after Parliamentary Senators grilled the government on the future of the former king.

The direct question was asked by Senator Charles Mulet on whether Juan Carlos would be revoked of his title after calls from various factions of the Spanish government.

In response, the government cited the 2014 royal decree in which ‘any monarch that vacates the throne will continue for life the treatment of majesty similar to those issued for the current monarch.’

It was also confirmed that the former King’s wife, Dona Sofia will also continue to use her Royal title.

The news comes as pressure grows from Spain’s government to hold the royal accountable for the financial irregularities that have come to light over the past two years.

A congress of lawyers decided yesterday that a team of investigators would be assembled to look into the offshore accounts and deals held by the King Emeritus.

The request for the action came from the Unidos Podemos and had the backing of eight other parties, however current coalition leaders PSOE vetoed the decision which means the vote will now go to debate once again next month.

This isn’t the first time that a vote in favor of an investigation team has been put on hold.

Last December, another vote was discarded on a technicality as the representatives of the Unidas Podemos did not have enough deputies to request an investigation.

With yesterday’s news, the former King’s finances will now be brought to a central government plenary session for debate, this time with the approval of a team of lawyers.

Juan Carlos has been ‘in hiding’ in Abu Dhabi ever since information was leaked that he was involved in offshore bank accounts and ‘cash for contract’ schemes in the UAE.

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