TWO schools will be closed in Granada today after an earthquake damaged its ceilings at the weekend.

A 4.4 magnitude tremor hit the Andalucian city on Saturday afternoon, causing noted shaking in homes and businesses.

While no serious damage was caused, debris and fallen-through ceilings in the Carmen Salles and Reyes Catolicos schools mean all teaching will be carried out online until at least Wednesday.

The quake is the largest Granada has seen since 2010 and has been followed by dozens of smaller tremors, which continued over Sunday night.

Residents shared photos and videos online showing the aftermath of some of the damage.

A family in the epicentre of Santa Fe shared footage of cracks which they claimed appeared in their walls following the quake, suggesting some structural damage.

One woman shared a clip from inside a supermarket which had products and ceiling panels strewn across the floor.

In another clip from a security camera of a shop, also in Santa Fe, customers run outside screaming as the store shakes and items fall off their racks.

Meanwhile one Youtuber captured and shared on Twitter the moment his room visibly shook while he was live streaming.

“Oh my god, earthquake!” Tetsu Bell says as he feels the first vibrations.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, earthquake again! Crazy!”, He yelled as everything shook and he clung to the table as items fell off his shelf.

Another twitter user was in the middle of explaining how earthquakes work when his room began to shake, causing him to freeze mid-sentence as he waited out the tremor.

According to the National Geographic Institute (ING), the quake is the most powerful Granada has seen since 2010 when a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in Nigüelas.

It is also the second biggest in more than three decades, since you have to go back to 1990 to find a stronger one, when a 4.8 magnitude quake hit Izbor.

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