JUDGING by the name it would be all too easy to expect Sol Eyes to simply to look after your eyesight.

In fact, the health professionals at the Fuengirola clinic keep an eye on much more than that.

Their specialists can perform eye surgery, cosmetic treatments, orthopedics, gynecology and much more.

And they are proud of the fact that they can continue to help patients even in the depths of the coronavirus crisis.

They only closed in the first lockdown from march to June – and that was because they had been earmarked as a reserve health facility if needed to deal with the crisis and so were keeping the decks clear.

But since September they have been able to open their doors once more to their patients for a full range of services, many of which they have been offering since their inauguration in 2015.

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Clinic Manager Ninni Collan said: “Regardless of the pandemic we have managed to keep busy.

Yes, we have been quieter and numbers have been down for eye care, so we have been doing fewer eye days, but our health campaigns and offers have kept us busy.”

Specialist Antonio Soller has also been kept busy with eye surgery and offering specialist eyelid operations, while Dryflow treatment for people suffering from dry eyes has also kept the clinic busy.

For a full range of treatments available at Sol Eyes, visit soleyes.es/

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