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Three arrested for luring woman to fake funeral to assault her in Spain’s Mallorca

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THREE people have been arrested for carrying out a violent assault on a woman in Mallorca.

According to Policia Nacional investigators, two men and a woman have been charged with the assault which took place in Bon Sosec Cemetery in Marratxi on January 23.

The group had come up with an elaborate plan to get an ex-girlfriend of one of the men on her own with the intention of beating her up.

The ex-boyfriend called his former partner to tell her that a mutual friend had died and that the funeral would be held that day. 

When the woman arrived at the cemetery, the man revealed that she had been tricked and that their friend had not actually died.

The two other detainees then appeared with the trio launching their attack.

The woman was first punched in the face and pushed to the ground.

When she was on the floor, she was kicked repeatedly in the face.

She was then able to make a run for it, fleeing to her parked car.

However, the group ran to their own vehicle and followed her when she drove away.

They then rammed her car from behind and tried to push her off the road.

At one point they even overtook her and then slammed on their brakes to try to get her to stop.

Thankfully, a local called the police to report the carnage on the road with officers being able to stop the group in their car soon after.

The woman was tracked down and taken to hospital for a broken jaw.

The group have been charged with assault, intimidation and a crime against road safety.

Last year, Mallorca was plagued with multiple gender violence incidents. 

In October, a former soldier shot his girlfriend in the head before turning the gun on himself in Peguera.

Weeks later, a man intentionally ran over his ex-wife and her friend with his car in Palma. 

Investigators confirmed that the woman held an active restraining order against her former partner and that numerous incidents of abuse were reported throughout their marriage.

In November, a man was arrested for staging a car crash to conceal the murder of his wife.

The 35-year-old allegedly stabbed his partner, 32, in the chest with a screwdriver before calling his family to say the pair had been involved in a road accident. 

He claimed that his wife had been fatally injured in the crash but when concerned relatives rang emergency services cops found no sign of the couple at the scene. 

Responding officers discovered the woman’s body hidden under branches after following a trail of blood from the car into the woods. 

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