THE Internet sleuths have been kept busy this week after keen eyed viewers noticed a glaring gaffe on a leading Spanish talk show.

Heads will certainly rolling in the production team of Spain’s La Sexta channel after an airing of a discussion during the El Objectivo programme appeared to show some rather unusual imagery.

The discussion, hosted by popular presenter Ana Pastor, focused on the serious topic of hospitality closures throughout Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the piece, the chat was highlighted by an image of a closed up bar with wooden panels across the windows, showing a distopian image of the plight of businesses during the crisis.

In what appeared to be an innocuous image, eagle eyed viewers noticed the use of plywood to close up the windows was unusual for Spain, particularly Madrid where the channel is based.

Some intrepid detective work later it was discovered that the image was far from being a Spanish scene, but actually a shot from the Scottish city of Glasgow.

The image was found to be of the The Social pub in Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, closed up due to the top level restrictions currently in place in Scotland.

One viewer took to Twitter to show his frustration of the mistake.

“Why do they use an image of an establishment covered with wood from a place that is not Spain? This property is located in Glasgow. I thought that the program was dedicated to the hospitality industry in Spain. I wonder why they used this apocalyptic image?”

Theories circulating online believe the stark image was used as Madrid currently has relatively relaxed rules compared to Scotland, with bars and restaurants allowed to be open until 9pm.

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