THE controversial bike-only lanes introduced into Malaga city centre last week will be reopened to traffic tomorrow after causing hour long traffic jams.

Malaga’s Mobility Ordinance closed a lane of the Paseo Maritimo between Antonio Martín and los Baños del Carmen to traffic in order to encourage bicycles and electric scooters to use the highway safely.

However the traffic during rush hour using the paseo jammed to a halt thanks to the closure of the lane, leaving residents furious.

Thanks to the situation, the government of Malaga has announced that it is to review the Mobility Ordinance and perform a U-Turn in policy to reopen the lane to traffic.

The government statement also cited the lack of popularity of the new ’30 Lanes’ and a low influx of cyclists and scooter riders since the program began.

The plan will be to re-introduce the bike lane this weekend for the Easter holidays, before being removed once again and open to traffic.

Since it’s announcement, the government has come under fire for the plan from cyclists and commuters who claim that the lanes are dangerous and put them at unnecessary risk.

Cycling groups claim that whilst the council’s intentions are good, the city needs a much more developed cycle lane infrastructure before forcing pedal powered commuters onto the public highway.

In a demonstration held last week, hundreds of cyclists from all walks of life took to the dock area to protest the plans, with many claiming that they will actually ditch the bike for fear of accidents and over zealous road users.

Councillors will review the ordinance after the Easter weekend to discuss whether it is viable to continue with the current infrastructure across the city.

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