ANDALUCIA plans to ease coronavirus restrictions after the Day of Andalucia (Dia de Andalucia).

The current restrictions in place by the Junta to control the third wave of the pandemic will be maintained during the coming long weekend.

After which, the Junta’s committee of experts will meet on March 3 to contemplate a ‘prudent’ easing of coronavirus restrictions in line with the evolution of the pandemic. 

This means that the provinces will remain perimetrically confined until at least March 4.

“Nobody is more eager than I am to open up mobility between provinces,” said Junta chief, Juanma Moreno, during a press conference in Ronda this Tuesday after a meeting with the Government Council.

Increasing outdoor capacity and extending hours for bars and restaurants is on the cards, however the PP leader stressed that he had no intention of relaxing the measures to the same level as at Christmas and, much less, ‘those of last summer’.

While the downward trend of the epidemiological data is positive, the incidence rate in Andalucia, at 259, still exceeds the 250-threshold considered ‘extreme risk’ level.

During a commission hearing in the Congress of Deputies, Spain’s Health Minister Carolina Darias, called for the regions to take great care in order to lower the incidence rate to below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – the target the Health Ministry considers would see the pandemic under control.

“We have to be very cautious as the cumulative incidence is still above the level of maximum risk,” she said.

“We must continue with the restrictions, we cannot let our guard down. The new variants are lurking and I call for all of the regions to maintain the measures.”

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