ALMORADI, in the Vega Baja district of Costa Blanca, is looking to adopt the artichoke emoji on social media as their own.

Commonly referred to as “the jewel of the garden”, the vegetable is highly-regarded throughout the region, with artichoke farmers displaying no shortage of pride in their crop.

Artichoke 2
THE ALMORADI ARTICHOKE: “The jewel of the garden”

Promoting the hashtag #EmojiAlcasil among the emoticons of WhatsApp and social networks, “La Alcachofa de Almoradí” will become established among WhatsApp emojis and social networks. 

Almoradi City Council is to start a publicity campaign and collect signatures under the hashtag #EmojiAlcasil so that the emoji is among the symbols updated by the Unicode Consortium.

Jos   Antonio Latorre

José Antonio Latorre, Mayor of Institutional Communication, admits, “It is a difficult process in which many factors play a role, such as social demand [and] other competences.”

“For this reason”, he continued, “the campaign will be promoted at a global level, since many other places in the world celebrate the artichoke.”

The Coronavirus lockdown meant the seventh Almoradí Artichoke Congress was postponed until next year.

However, the council still wanted to pay tribute to the artichoke with an exhibition, titled, “Almoradí, heart of the Artichoke”.

It opens next Tuesday, March 9, at the Luis Martínez Rufete Cultural Center.

The intention is to show the history and origin of its production in the Vega Baja, both fresh and canned.

It will also highlight its health and medicinal properties, and describe the different drinks that can be made with artichoke.

The exhibition, held with Covid-19 security measures and limited capacity, will be on show throughout all of March.

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