A veteran ambulance driver has been arrested on murder charges after a sickening knife attack on a fellow healthcare worker inside the hospital where they both worked.

The attack took place at the Prince of Asturias Hospital in Alcala de Henares (Asturias) on Saturday at around 2.15pm in the afternoon.

The victim, a 41-year-old Sergio Luis G. was found by fellow workers in a pool of blood with multiple knife wounds to his face and body in the cafeteria of the hospital.

The attacker, a contracted ambulance driver for the Ferrovial transport company named Gonzalo, was arrested on the scene after a tense stand off and is currently detained by the Policia Nacional.

Police understand that the attack was motivated by jealousy, with the attacker believing the victim was having an affair with his girlfriend of four months.

Last Saturday, the driver, believed to be not working that day, entered the hospital in his uniform looking for Sergio.

He found the nurse eating in the hospital’s cafeteria, and once fellow colleagues left the room, he entered and locked the door behind him, brandishing a knife.

In a frenzied attack, he slit his throat before stabbing him multiple times in the face and body, stabbing him in the eye and cutting his testicles.

The attacker fled the scene and barricaded himself in a treatment room.

Two on duty Policia Nacional officers were in the hospital at the time guarding another room were alerted to the scene by another nurse who had discovered the body.

They soon found him and forced entry into the room, apprehending him and detaining him for the minimum 72 hours before he will stand trial.

On investigation, it is not thought that 39-year-old Gonzalo had any psychological issues and had been a respected part of the hospital’s staff for over 10 years.

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