YET another illegal get together has been broken up by the Policia Local of Malaga in an apartment in the La Palmilla area of the capital.

45 youngsters between the age of 12 and 28 were evicted from the apartment, all of which were not wearing masks and drinking alcohol and sharing hookahs.

Police were led to the scene after three kids were spotted leaving the block of apartments acting suspiciously and now wearing masks and not social distancing.

The officers entered the block and noticed loud music and the presence of smoke emanating from one particular apartment.

Expecting a large amount of partygoers, police called for back up and officers from the canine unit arrived and entered the property, discovering the clouds of hookah smoke clouding a 45-strong get together.

One the scene was cleared and the youngsters were dealt with, officers searched the property where they discovered large amounts of alcohol, board games and multiple hookah pipes that were being passed around various groups during the party.

Cases were also found with various hookahs, mouthpieces, bowls full of tobacco and molasses mixed with nicotine, plus arcade games, table football machines and playing cards.

Officers were familiar with this particular property as it is not the first time a party has been broken up there.

36 people attending a birthday party were evicted back in October in similar circumstances, then again five children between 12 and 15 were evicted in January this year, both consuming alcohol and using hookahs.

The owner of the house, a 44-year-old from Malaga, was identified and sanctioned by police for not having the proper documentation to allow the consuming of alcohol and hookahs for profit.

He was also fined for allowing activities on private property that do not adhere to COVID-19 protocol issued by the government.

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