A 48-YEAR-OLD man from Valencia has been sentenced to nine years in prison for repeatedly raping his two teenage daughters.

He was initially facing 22 years, but the judge reduced the penalty after reaching an agreement with the defence team.

The convicted rapist admitted to sexually assaulting his two daughters when they were 12 and 13 years old, with full penetration, when the girls were asleep in their rooms in the family home.

According to the sentence, the oldest sister was 13 years old in 2007 when her father began abusing her, which continued through 2008.

Years later, in 2014, the youngest daughter was 12 years old when the man began raping her in the same house whenever they were left alone together.

The crimes were reported in 2015, triggering a long legal process.

In fact, the duration of the proceedings has been accepted by the judge as one of the attenuating circumstances to reduce the initial prison sentence from 22 to nine years.

The other is inebriation, as the court heard that the man was drunk when he sexually assaulted his daughters.

In addition to jail term, the convict has been ordered to pay each of the victims €30,000 in compensation.

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