IT has been revealed that the disabled man tortured in Mallorca had asked for a ‘new look’ before being held in a house for two days.

Earlier this week, the Olive Press reported that a disabled man, aged 34, had been subjected to various methods of torture.

This led to seven people, four men and three women aged between 20- and 30-years-old, being arrested.

Investigators say the victim, who has an intellectual disability, had asked on his social media account for a new look with various levels of tests and punishments and to which he would pay someone up to €3,000 for.

One of the seven detainees responded and it was agreed that they would meet in Plaza de Espana in Palma on Friday evening.

In their WhatsApp communication, some of the methods of torture later inflicted on the man were proposed and discussed in detail.

After meeting the group, the victim was asked to accompany them to a house in Manacor.

Here, he signed a ‘contract’ which authorised the group to make changes to the way he looked.

Over two days, he had penises tattooed on his face as well as nipples and a bra tattooed on his back.

He also had tacks inserted into his skin, had his fingers sewn together, was burnt and had his lips glued shut.

He was finally able to escape on Sunday, returning to his family home.

After revealing his ordeal to a friend, he was taken to the police station to report the crime and then to Manacor Hospital where he will undergo procedures to have the tattoos removed.

According to the victim, he had wanted the group to stop but their aggressive attitude left him in fear of being seriously injured.

Police say that even if the man agreed to being ‘punished’, the group’s actions still remain a crime as individuals with mental impairments cannot give consent.

They added that the group were also fully aware that the man was disabled.

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