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Businessman in Spain’s Valencia tortured with electric dog collar by organised gang of thieves

A BUSINESSMAN in Valencia was held captive by a gang of four hooded individuals, who tortured him using an electric dog collar in a...

Spanish doctor extradited to Uruguay amid shocking allegations of torture

A Spanish doctor will be extradited over accusations he helped the military torture prisoners during a right-wing dictatorship movement in the 1970s. The country’s High...

Spain’s government strips notorious police torturer of medals 

THE SPANISH government has ordered all of the medals and other decorations received by Franco-era police officers to be revised, including those of the...
Guardia civil arrest

Headless corpse found near Malaga in Spain is still unidentified

POLICE are still trying to identify a man whose headless and handless body was found near a sleepy rural town near Malaga. Investigators are keeping...

Jealous paranoid boyfriend jailed for 32 years after brutally abusing and torturing woman in Spain’s Valencia region

A man has been jailed for 32 years after putting his girlfriend through three months of extreme abuse at their home in Castellon in...

‘Tens of millions’ of bitcoin stolen from US entrepreneur at his Madrid home in Spain

AN American digital entrepreneur says he was robbed of 'tens of millons' of bitcoin after thieves broke into his Madrid home. The Policia Nacional is...

Disabled man asked for ‘new look’ with levels of tests and punishments before being tortured in Spain’s Mallorca

Investigators say the victim, who has an intellectual disability, had asked on his social media account for a new look to which he would pay someone up to €3,000 for

Body of expat dumped with surviving girlfriend found after kidnapping on Costa del Sol

The couple were found on Monday night close to the Hospital Costa del Sol, after the woman was seen covered in blood trying to flag down drivers in a bid for help

Expat torturer-for-hire who ‘cut off victim’s finger’ arrested on Costa del Sol

AN expat torturer who cut off a victim's finger has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.  The 29-year-old was wanted on a European Arrest...

Spain lambasted by Amnesty International for torture, mistreating refugees and curtailing free speech

A report accuses Spain of using the 'glorifying terrorism' offence to limit free speech

Spanish police officer found guilty of torturing suspect

Mallorcan officer - named only as Victor GF - has been given a three year prison sentence

Cruel siblings sectioned after locking their 59-year-old brother in a birdcage for years

The victim has also been sent to a rehabilitation centre where he is said to be suffering severe brain damage

Spain’s first bondage hotel cancels grand opening in Valencia

The BDSM lodging is inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Spanish policemen face long prison sentences for ‘torturing’ two Brits in custody in Mallorca

A captain and three police officers stand charged with intimidating and viciously attacking the two Brits, who had been arrested after a pub brawl

PITIFUL: Protests against ‘animal Auschwitz’ lead to salvation and big clean up

EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke. Horrific scenes of animal cruelty filmed at official shelter leads to massive outcry and some dogs being re-homed

Franco cops face extradition

Elderly former police officers face extradition to Argentina

Julio Iglesias tracks used as torture method

Julio's songs were used in torture sessions

Spanish police still using torture

Amnesty International says not enough is being done to prevent it




After eight years, the Popular Party wins back the Balearics but will need the help of Vox to form...

THE CONSERVATIVE Popular Party was the winner in the Balearic Islands on Sunday, taking the most seats in the regional elections. The group did,...


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