PolicemanA SPANISH police officer has been found guilty of torturing a suspect.

Mallorcan officer – named only as Victor GF – has been given a three year prison sentence, after he held an empty gun to the suspect’s head and pretended to shoot him three times.

The incident occurred in the basement of Palma de Mallorca’s police station in August 2009.

The officer, 39, read his victim the riot act before illegally detaining him and tormenting him.

The victim’s defence lawyer claims that this demonstrates Mollorcan police use underhand tactics to obtain false confessions.

However, the officer is appealing for a reduced sentence based on the fact that this is his first offence.


  1. Things one would love the answers to: Why did it take seven years to convict this criminal cop? Then, (Unless one of his buddies grassed him), how on earth was the crime proven? Then, why has his identity been hidden? Best of all, how has he got the nerve to appeal ? He’s got more front than the Albert Hall.

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