A BUSINESSMAN in Valencia was held captive by a gang of four hooded individuals, who tortured him using an electric dog collar in a bid to gain access to the contents of his safe. 

The criminals are also alleged to have tied him up and beaten him, and even threatened to take the man’s baby with them if he did not surrender his valuables. 

They also are alleged to have poured alcohol over him and lit a match. 

The incident, which was reported by Antena 3’s magazine show Espejo Publico, is thought to have been well planned, with the criminals aware of their target’s movements. 

When he arrived home, the thieves pretended to be police officers in order to gain access to his property. 

After torturing their victim for two hours, the criminals left with a haul of luxury watches. 

The Civil Guard was investigating the crime and was trying to locate the suspects, according to Espejo Público. 

A police inspector told the program that this kind of robbery is very unusual in Spain, but is more common among Eastern European gangs. 

The modus operandi is reportedly for one group to locate a target, and another to carry out the robbery. Early reports suggest that the thieves themselves had Spanish nationality.

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