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PITIFUL: Protests against ‘animal Auschwitz’ lead to salvation and big clean up

Mairena e


A SPONTANEOUS protest against appalling animal cruelty in Sevilla has had a positive affect.

As well as enforcing a huge clean up of the shelter in Mairena del Aljarafe, thousands of people around the world have offered their support and some homes for the beleaguered animals.

Read the original Olive Press story… Fury over ‘atrocious’ dog treatment at shelter in Spain

“Its shows the power of the internet and media pressure,” said one Olive Press reader.

It comes after activists launched a protest outside the shelter this weekend after horrific scenes of cruelty were broadcast online.

A petition has now been set up to demand action against those responsible for leaving hundreds of dogs in pitiful conditions at the official ‘perrera’ shelter in Mairena del Aljarafe, near Sevilla.

During a short You Tube video some animals are seen close to death at the pound, next to the dead bodies of other dogs.

Meanwhile faeces is strewn across the floor and scant food is scattered around it.

The pens, each containing dozens of dogs, had clearly not been cleaned for days, if not weeks.

Some of the animals had serious open wounds, while there were signs of malnutrition and serious illness.

Dozens of angry protesters gathered outside the Protectora de Animales in Mairena del Aljarafe – described by activists as ‘the Spanish Auschwitz for animals’ – on Saturday afternoon demanding action.

Later that night activists broke into the shelter, which is funded by an estimated 11 nearby towns, and set around 200 dogs free.

The centre, which has been denounced on ‘numerous’ occasions by local animal rights groups, is run by a businessman – and reportedly a vet – Pedro Luis Fernández Castillo, who has a private kennels next door.

According to sources, the president is paid an estimated €100,000 or more each year by the different town halls for his ‘animal sanctuary’.

In 2012, Bormujos and Mairena actually withdrew their arrangement with the pound, after a string of denuncias against it for mistreatment.

However the president sued them for defamation, as he did with a former member of staff who filmed alleged mistreatment last year.

Last night, a newspaper eldiario.es reported that he was well connected with links to both the police, politicians and Sevilla’s ruling classes.

He is also said to have close links with Sevilla’s bullring.

Last night, however he agreed to allow local charities and activists to find homes for the hundreds of dogs in the shelter.

It is said to receive up to 250 dogs a month, many of them hunting dogs, with the numbers increasing as the recession has deepened.
One Olive Press reader Rena Dunne said she had adopted her dog, a Slainte, from the centre seven years ago.

“Back then it was clean with all the animals being in good condition,” she said. “I’m appalled at the deterioration since, has this to do with the crisis?

“Can a team of volunteers not be found to at least keep the place clean so that further infection is stopped?”

Another expat Michelle Rolfe, an English teacher, added: “These animals are living in horrendous and atrocious conditions and society has to be made aware of it. Something must be done to prosecute Castillo and make him pay for this.”

Activists have asked for donations from the public and anyone who can offer homes to come forward.

Further protests are being planned for the centre, as well as other ‘perreras’ including one in Olivenza, near Badajoz.

Sign the petition here: www.stopmairena.pacma.es

Claire Wilson

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  1. “However the president sued them for defamation, as he did with a former member of staff who filmed alleged mistreatment last year.” Interesting how many people resort to libel lawyers when the facts are against them. He is not the first.

  2. Shame on the businessman and to the vet that live with their blood. God is watching and you both will pay one day for whatever you did. Well done to the activists and you all that spoke up for the voiceless. I am following and supporting you with my comments, signed petitions and prayers. May God give you strength for next battles against the barbaric behaviors of some people that call their self ‘humans”.

  3. I very much hope that the good people of Spain, and around the world, will keep pushing for this man to be prosecuted.
    He may have ‘friends with money and power’ but this is more reason why he should have looked after the dogs….he, (they), could have done so much good, instead he decided to cause pain and suffering.
    Please support the many campaigns to get this man punished severely! He should be made to pay back every euro he’s received!

  4. I am not a dog lover but this is unforgivable! The looks of desperation in their eyes is quite upsetting. However don’t let’s get pious and racist about this. It occasionally happens in the UK as well, and even people have been known to be kept as prisoner recently
    Has anyone else come to the conclusion that there are too many damn dogs. They are not a fashion item. Believe it or not some people don’t like the mess they leave, the incessant noise they make, the danger they present to children and the way in which MOST owners allow them to molest passers by. They may be necessary to help the partially sighted, the Police and other worthwhile organisations. They may be good company for the housebound but those exceptions apart they are just props for those who lack self esteem.
    In my experience a dog makes for a dirty home.
    I can imagine the horror/disgust with which you owners will read this mail, but hey the whole world doesn’t revolve around your Fido. In the meantime let’s slap a hefty licence fee for them to deter those who treat their responsibilities lightly. This could be charged on size/breed so that those little ratty things like chiwawas, mostly house bound, that provide company would be charged less than the larger dogs. Jack Russels and Scottie dogs could be charged on yappiness.
    This does not mean I condone cruelty to them or any other animal, and the perpetrators should feel the full effects of the law.
    Congrats to those who are trying to improve the lot of these particular animals
    Being a responsible owner is something non-dog owners need to judge. IMHO dog owners are a breed unto themselves in the main, not considering that other people do not share such unswerving devotion. I could only consider a dog owner as being responsible if they kept their animal and it’s detritus in the confines of their own property. Dogs can be trained to use a quiet spot in their own gardens rather that e.g. use the beach and public highways – even alpacas (and Cats) can do that. If a dog is too big to confine to a garden then get a smaller dog or a bigger garden – Simples.
    Back to topic, all credit to those sorting this out but surely if an animal is that unwanted then put it down; don’t keep asking for money to perpetuate the problem. This should be done humanely and at a cost to the owner (if found), who adding this to an annual licence cost would think twice about ownership. I am sure so many of these pets are bought for children who don’t actually get around to caring for them leaving busy parents to reluctantly look after them.

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