TWO men who got in a fight after a road traffic accident in Gibraltar’s town centre have been arrested and charged with affray.

The road rage allegedly erupted at 8.45am this morning after a local man crashed into a Spanish-registered car on Line Wall Road, close to Cathedral Square.

By the time the Royal Gibraltar Police arrived on the scene the Gibraltarian had left the area.

Officers then arrested the 45-year-old La Linea resident on the charge of affray.

The local man, aged 40, of Cumberland Road, was charged with the same crime when he went to New Mole House to speak about the accident.

The pair have been bailed to return to New Mole House at a later date.

Protestor returns

Yesterday, the man who mounted a solo protest for homeless rights by climbing the Convent, was back the Governor’s home.

Samuel Lloyd, 42, of Saddleworth, UK, was arrested at 9am for being outside the Convent with his trousers down.

When police officers arrived minutes later he was ‘observed sitting on a white ceramic toilet with a sign’, said an RGP spokesperson.

Lloyd was arrested and charged with Causing Harassment, Alarm or Distress and tried this morning at the Magistrate’s Court.

The British man, of no fixed abode, had previously tried to raise awareness of homelessness in Gibraltar with his last protest.

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