AFTER more than a year of changing travel restrictions, global lockdowns have boosted, more than ever, the desire to travel.

After all, travel is one of life’s most enriching activities and dreaming about a holiday, or even planning your next trip abroad, is something at the forefront of most travel enthusiasts.

So, though many key travel destinations remain off-limits, now is the time to plan your next holiday, the museums you will visit and the gastronomical delights to tickle your taste buds.

But apart from fantasising about your dream holiday and all the outfits you’ll wear, now is also the time to think of unique travel essentials that will make your life easier once COVID-19-derived restrictions on cross-border travel have lifted.

And by unique travel essentials, though slot flop sandals may come in handy, what most travel lovers seeking the thrill of a new journey really need is a bunq Travel Card.

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The bunq Travel Card is basically a Mastercard without any foreign exchange fee and is set to become your next top travel item. With it you will get real exchange rates without any additional charges, anywhere in the world. And if that doesn’t sound tempting, the card is yours for just €9,99 with no monthly fees!

Ok, so sipping on a refreshing sangria whilst lounging on a sun-drenched beach is more tempting, but a bunq Travel Card, which is 100% safe, covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank, up to € 100,000, will make your travel less stressful permitting you to sit back and really enjoy that refreshing coctail.

Not only that, the card helps you save money at the same time. In fact, while traditional cards can charge up to 3% in foreign transaction fees, all international payments are totally free of charge with the bunq Travel Card.

Additionally, this super handy travel card can be easily locked and unlocked in the bunq app, which is available in six languages, if it’s lost or stolen.

So, whilst we patiently wait for the world to overcome the threat of COVID-19, and for borders to reopen, let’s keep dreaming of discovering new destinations and taking practical steps to be ready for when we regain our freedom.

For a one-time fee of only €9.99, you can have your travel card ready by signing up today!

And if you’re not looking to travel anywhere any time soon, bunq isn’t just about offering a great deal on a travel card, it’s also one of the best online banks out there.

Bunq has one of the best global coverages a bank can offer, you can send money to up to 39 supported currencies and always get the real exchange rate with no hidden fees.

If you’re looking for a no stress, no hassle bank tailored to your international needs, sign up now in less than 5 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of a fully mobile expat bank account today!

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