VALENCIA police had to summon an Advanced Life Support unit to their own Zapadores station, after an officer was attacked last week.

Sources say the attack happened on Wednesday, April 14, when an officer was escorting a detainee back to his cell.

The 32-year-old victim suffered injuries to the head and face, in what police described as a “brutal assault”.

Once immediate injuries were treated, the officer was transferred to La Fe Hospital, where he is still under observation and awaiting evaluation to determine if he has to undergo surgery in his jaw.

The aggressor allegedly gave him a shove and attacked him with kicks and punches.

The Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) was called and mobilised the Advanced Life Support unit to the site.

The attacker is believed to be 35 years old, a native of Guinea Bissau, who had been arrested on Tuesday for attacking a man on April 8, fracturing his jaw, also.

After the attack on the policeman on Wednesday, the man was arrested again and will be dealt with accordingly.

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