ANDALUCIA’s government is preparing a €60million support package for the province’s crushed tourism industry, the Junta said on Monday, including offering hotels €200 of financial aid per bed. 

The vice-president of the Junta and regional minister of Tourism, Juan Marín said that the package would aim to ensure companies in the sector survived the crisis ‘which until now had not received direct liquidity support due to a legal issue’. 

“As the sector asked us, we are going to offer direct grants of 200 euros per hotel bed so that an establishment with a thousand beds will receive 200,000 euros, which is the maximum per property,” he said. 

In total, the regional government is going to allocate 60 million euros to the aid package for the hotel and tourist apartment sector with the Junta designating €200 per hotel bed with a limit of 200,000 per establishment.

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HOTSPOT: Marbella

Struggling hoteliers and people within the hospitality industry have welcomed the new raft of Government aid.

The tourism and hospitality sectors, which play a vital role in Andalusia’s economy, have been hit very badly by the COVID restrictions and have been asking for financial help for some time.

But the leader of  Costa del Sol hoteliers association (Aehcos) has warned that the money must be distributed immediately to stop any more business from going under. 

Aehcos president José Luque said: ”We are very happy about this help, but we want the administration to make the aid available as soon as possible.” 

At the end of the last year the Andalusian Hotel Federation presented the Junta with a report by KPMG that outlined a 250-million-euro plan would be needed to save the sector in the face of the worst crisis in its history.


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