Pals bar at El Zoco in Calahonda has ridden out the horrendous viral storm that has hung over us all for 13 months and is ready to thrive again.

Owned and run by Mancunian expat Kerry Froggett, who came to Spain on holiday 18 years ago and forgot to go back home, it is a friendly, lively hostelry with something for everyone.

Like everywhere else, due to the current absence of tourists, it is rebuilding its client base but Pals is blessed with  a multinational cast of regulars who swear by its charms.

Kerry says: “We’re hoping the tourists will start coming back again over the next few months but it’s the expats who have kept us going over the past year.

“Everyone has struggled since the start of the pandemic but, when we’ve been allowed to open, we’ve always been able to keep the pub business, and our food business across the square, going.

“The bar has always been very popular. I’ve had it for four and a half years now, following spells running a pub in England and a couple of other bars in Spain.’

Pals bar is definitely a fun place and I can attest to the fact that you’ll never drink alone in there, unless you really want to.

You can sit inside the bar itself or on the square beside the fountain, an altogether pleasant experience. And it still has a Happy Hour (3-4pm). What’s not to like?

To find out more, head here: Pals bar.

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