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Canada is a stunning travel destination, beautiful any time of year. There are periods when you will be able to make the most out of your visit, but weather should not be the only factor travelers should think about. While the climate is important, foreign visitors should also bear in mind accommodation prices, activities, and the areas they wish to visit.

The best time to visit Canada could easily be between the months of September and November, during the fall season. During these months, the weather has cooled down, but it’s not extremely cold to visit parks or cities. Travelers will also avoid the summer crowds and will be able to explore the country at ease.

However, at the end of the day, the best time to travel to Canada also depends on the purpose of the trip and the activities visitors wish to participate in. Travelers with children might have less options and are limited to traveling in the summer, while adventure lovers might prefer to visit Canada in the winter to engage in winter sports.

It is important to remember that Canada is a large country, the second largest in the world after Russia in fact. Therefore, foreign visitors are advised to consider that the climate will not be the same throughout Canada.

To travel to Canada, citizens of 60 countries can easily apply online for the Canadian eTA. This travel authorization will be necessary, regardless of the period travelers expect to visit the country. After completing the eTA online application, the traveler will be able to enter Canada. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may need a Canada visa for UK citizens, so be sure to check in advance.

When to Travel to Canada

Here is some useful information regarding when to go to Canada:

High Season

  • Between June and August – The sun shines in most parts of the country. However, accommodation prices peak during this period.
  • From December through March – Ski resorts and ski towns are generally packed

Shoulder Season

  • May, September, and October – generally, crowds diminish and prices drop. The temperature cools down, but it is still comfortable. However, attractions will have a different schedule and are likely to keep shorter hours.

Low Season

  • November and April – most places outside big cities close. The cold weather spreads throughout the country. Days are much shorter.

Canadian Weather

The Great North does not have the same weather throughout its territory. For instance, Montreal is extremely cold in December, while Vancouver rarely gets snow, and temperatures do not tend to drop below sub-zero temperatures. In some parts, winter might last well into April. The coastline of British Columbia does not experience the same cool temperatures as other regions.

Spring tends to arrive by the end of February in the west coast of Canada. Meanwhile, snowfall tends to continue in ski resorts such as Banff or Whistler up until the month of May.

Summer arrives in most of the country by June, and the warmest areas in the country are in the central and eastern parts. In the western coast, summers are cooler. At the same time, Canada’s northern cities such as Whitehorse and Edmonton experience 17 to 20 hours of daylight.

When to Visit Canada’s Major Cities

Canada is famous for its breathtaking lakes and mountains. Nonetheless, there are several cities that will captivate inquisitive travelers. To make the most out of visiting these cities, visitors may want to consider a few factors described below.

Best Time to Visit Vancouver

The ideal time to travel to Vancouver is during the summer, as travelers will be able to enjoy from warm and sunny weather. Vancouver has a long rainy season that usually lasts between October and June. However, staying in Vancouver during the summer will cost more.

Best Time to Visit Montreal

Travelers can consider traveling to Montreal during the month of October. Fall colors paint the city and temperatures are mild. Montreal’s summers tend to be hot and humid and winter is extremely cold. This historic city has plenty of attractions to keep visitors busy.

Best Time to Visit Toronto

The best time to visit Toronto is from late April until the end of May, or from mid-September through mid-October. The weather is especially pleasant during these periods and the city won’t be as crowded. However, during the summer, there are several family-friendly activities including pedestrian markets and outdoor festivals.

Best Time to Visit the Niagara Falls

Even though the Niagara Falls are not a city in Canada, many travelers are drawn to this unique place. The best time to visit the Niagara Falls is between June and August, even though it is high season. It will not feel extremely warm as the mists and breezes from the waterfalls cool down the area. More attractions are also open during these months.

Before booking a trip to Canada, travelers are advised to check whether they can obtain the Canadian eTA. Foreign visitors should ensure they meet the eTA requirements and apply online at least a few days before their trip.

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